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Leah C. Donato, MSW, LCSW

Hello! Welcome to LCD Counseling Services, LLC.  It’s nice to meet you.  I’m Leah!  

I started my career in 1997 where I began working for a mental health agency providing services to children and families.  In this capacity I was a clinical supervisor and program developer.  I conducted individual, couples, and family counseling, as well as group therapy.  I developed and implemented multiple programs serving our most vulnerable communities.  I served as an expert witness on countless court cases, and worked hand in hand with the State of New Jersey on social work policy and change.


When entering into private practice I dug deeper into a population of which not only I am a part of, but my understanding and compassion for is invaluable. My practice emphasizes the need for crucial therapeutic services for the various individuals who make up the LGBTQ community, their families, and allies.  


On a more personal note, I live in Hopewell Township with my wife and son and am an active member of my community.  I am proud to be the PTO president of my son’s school, as well as a member of the District Parent Counsel.


I’m a dedicated member of Pennington Crossfit.  This community not only strives to improve physical fitness, but also emphasizes giving back and supporting its local neighbors through different charities.


I have a passion for cooking and crafting, which oftentimes complement one another while planning parties, decorating, and entertaining.  To clear my thoughts I love to run, listen to music, snow ski, and travel.  Above all, I love spending time with my family and close friends who have taught me that love can endure all things.

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