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Individual & Couples Counseling

Youth who are questioning sexuality, identity or gender

In general, adolescence brings a host of feelings and emotional issues to the surface.  If you are questioning your sexuality, identity or gender these emotions can be exacerbated. Counseling can help navigate feelings of isolation, confusion, depression, stress and anxiety. Seeking acceptance and understanding from those closest to us and engagement with the LGBTQ community is critical.  

LGBTQ adolescents and adults

Stress, anxiety, and depression oftentimes go hand in hand with coming out and identifying as gay, lesbian or transgender.  No matter where you are on your journey, whether that be awareness, tolerance, acceptance, pride, or synthesis, I will meet you where you are at.   Therapy can help you discover the internal tools needed to make movement towards a happier, healthier future.

Parents and/or siblings of an LGBTQ family member

Coming out to family is a huge moment. As a family member you may have no idea how to react to the news you just heard.  It can range from “we knew forever” to “we had no idea”.  Oftentimes families need a few minutes to catch up. Even in the most accepting of situations family members seek counseling to learn how to openly talk about sexuality, process their feelings, and educate themselves on the LGBTQ community. In other situations, parents and family members can feel a bit disappointed or sad by the news; therapy can provide a nurturing setting to work through those feelings.

Same Sex Couples

All couples face challenges. Life is sometimes messy and therapy can help with communication, connection, life transitions, and parenting.  When choosing a therapist to help navigate relationship issues, whether independently or as a couple, my life journey provides relevance.  

LGBTQ adults who are struggling to come out

Coming out is not just for adolescents. Many adults live closeted and see no way out.  This has tremendous implications on emotional well-being, self-acceptance, and self-esteem.  Oftentimes, the longer you hide your true self, the harder it is visualize a place where you are no longer struggling. Therapy is a safe environment to explore these feeling and to move forward.

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